It is Been a long time coming For the first time in women boxing history this of this game has risen up to an degree and is being aired on a few of the world’s mainstream sporting stations. In addition to this women’s boxing was accepted to the 2012 Olympic games; interest has been sparked by this news from a long line of boxers wanting to become a part of the wave of boxing excitement. If you are among the hopefuls Wanting to show off their ability for touch boxing before you move to knock your front teeth, you are going to want a few pieces of gear. Boxing can be a game for women and men, especially if both parties have not heard the basic techniques and if the correct precautions are not taken. The best thing aside from satisfaction that gives you and the sense of freedom is that it will not cost you an arm and leg to begin learning just to get involved.

Here’s a list of some of the most Frequent parts of kickboxing for ladies singapore in training, sparring and combat matches:

kickboxing for ladies

Ladies Boxing Gloves

This Could Be the first item When shopping for boxing equipment You’d find; it is also the piece of gear and the most important. Weight, shape, the size and style of boxing gloves vary depending on what kind of this game you plan on fighting gloves, sparring gloves and studying, though you might realize that all come in 3 varieties; the training gloves.

Hand Wraps

These are worn beneath the Boxing gloves to give support to wrists and the hands. They come before you start struggle or training in a match as a strip of material that is wrapped. Some coaches insist that wraps be utilized during training because of the amount of contact you have with bags.

Mouth Guard

This is just another piece that is simple yet vital In a fight to protect your teeth and gums brought on to the face of ladies boxing gear. They are made from a soft material which molded into the shape of the teeth or may be bought in a form.