Your teeth are as important to your body as any other part of the body. Maintain your teeth are important as failing to do so would cause a lot of infections in your teeth as well as your mouth. Bacteria which are present inside the mouth can cause teeth decay, gum disease, and many other mouth infections. There are a lot of diseases which can happen to you but we have discussed only a few below. If the causes f your oral infection is your wisdom teeth, then you should visit a dentist who will operate a wisdom tooth surgery singapore.

Gingivitis: The early gum disease

Gingivitis is caused due to the variety of bacteria present in the gum’s crevices. These bacteria produce toxins which react with the gums which result in inflammation and swelling of the gums. This is the reason that you bleed while brushing. The gums are damaged and thus they are weak and a slight push with the brush causes the gums to bleed. Such infections may even require surgery. Your dentist would recommend performing wisdom tooth surgery singapore if your wisdom tooth is the source of the infection.

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Herpangina: child’s disease

Herpangina usually occurs inside the mouth. They may even occur in the hand and foot also. During the summer, children between the age group of 3 to 10 are the most prone to this infection. The first symptoms include fever then sore throat. Severe symptoms include difficulty in swallowing due to the tiny blisters which occur at the back of your mouth which converts to large ulcers when they rupture. Lasting of herpangina occurs between 3 to 5 days.


If you see the symptoms of any of the above infections, you need to rush to the dentist immediately. Such infections need immediate treatment and delaying would cause further damage to your mouth. Visiting a dentist regularly is definitely going to help your cause.